Latex molds for concrete

HX is compounded from specially processed Natural Latex with a high solids content, which minimizes shrinkage. HX is therefore suitable for making rubber molds by painting, brushing or spraying. The special method of compounding, and high solids content, permit reproduction of the finest detail. Major uses have been in the manufacture of ornamental concrete, imitation stone, brick veneer, resin figures, wax candles, and isostatic molding bags.

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See 10 more pictures. Buy in bulk and save. Customers also viewed. Add to cart. HX-Ceco Powder Thickener. HX Liquid Casting Latex. Related Products. Newsletter signup Name Email.I am so excited the mold I am making for my dolphin is coming along well. I still have more layers to add and a Mother mold, but need some more information on the casting material to use. I will be to the point of casting soon, I have this question.

Is resin OK to use with a Latex Mold? Being a newbie maybe I purchased to soon. The resin setup in 10 minutes is this enough time to fill up my Dolphin mold. I do have plaster I got from the local Home Depot store, would plaster be a better casting material for the Latex mold? This is wonderful news, I am learning patients. I am busy now growing plants for our gardens. Each morning I put a coat of latex on the little dolphin. Then I go about my farm caring duties, for I have animals to take care of.

Waiting for the Latex to dry is not an issue. It is kind of you to assist me in my hour of need. I have plaster of pairs to use for the mother mould is this OK? Also can I use a light film of vasoline on the Letax to allow the mother mould to be removed? I am combining dowel rods in the mother mould on each side to allow me to flip the mould upside down for balance when puring the resin. I know this mother mould will have to be a few parts to allow the fins and front fish to be released. I bet you have a website other then here.

Could you let me know what it is. I would like to see some of your work. I will show you and others my work soon.Hey B You can use just about any type of "casting" resin in latex. You need a release. I have used "Universal Release" in mine. I don't think one or two cast will hurt it. If your going to cast resin a lot maybe try a silicone brush on rubber as it will take the heat better. Resin can get hot when it cures. Smooth On has all kinds of casting resins and additives.

Go to there website as the have a lot of videos and reading material on additives too. Aluminlite makes casting resin as well as Polytek.

Hey B Looks like your becoming a glass master! Are you using polyester resin? Looks like your using chopped glass by all the strands along the flange. Hope you got yourself a VOC respirator? I'm not sure what you mean about not knowing how to flange a area? I ask about the resin as poly resin is way way cheaper then epoxy I think I know what you mean. I thought you already knew how to seam latex?

Back to the post with my flower pot I showed you how. M y S culptures G allery. GunZ McGraw. Those may interest you: DIY release spray for latex mold. How to use a latex mold that has no support jacket. I have obviously messed up again. I made a latex mold of a concrete figur How to reinforce a concrete bench? Would steel expand and crack the concrete? Using a release agent with a latex mould.

Where do I get Latex Rubber moulds along with fiberglass supporting shell i Managed make my own latex mould but no idea how to make fiberglass case and Will glue peel away from latex. I'm trying to put a Mohawk on a latex mold I bought a cast concrete garden bench and want to sharpen up and define the I made a latex mold from a duck.

latex molds for concrete

Can u add a latex thickener ,to a latex mold that is a few months old, will Latex on Concrete. How to clean mold for my latex moulds. I make concrete statues with latex mo Dipping method for latex moulds. Can plasticine be used as a filler within a latex mold? I have lots of latex molds in the fiberglass mother casing.A time-tested formula which has been used by mold makers the world over.

HX is a vulcanizeable Natural Latex compounded from specially processed Latex with a high solid content, which minimizes shrinkage. HX is therefore suitable for making rubber molds by painting, brushing or spraying. The special method of compounding, and its high solid content, permit reproduction of the finest detail. It's major uses have been in the manufacture resin figures, ornamental wax candles, and isostatic molding bags.

HX- 80 also has the following additional characteristics:. HX is preserved with ammonia, and has a distinct ammonia odor to it. This powder has been developed after many years of research. In addition to thickening the Latex without clumping, CECO Powder helps improve the strength of the rubber as well as its resistance to degradation by the casting materials. It is of the vulcaniseable type.

This means that after you have completed the buildup of coats on your model, heat or time must be used to bring about the final cure. This can be accomplished by either time or heat. The time recommended is approximately 3 days at room temperature.

If heating is chosen, it is recommended that you heat the completed rubber mold on the model for approximately four hours at degrees Fahrenheit. It should spring back within an hour. Only a small fraction of the indentation should remain. If more than a small fraction remains, then heat the Latex for about another hour.

This should be sufficient to bring about the total cure. It has a distinct ammonia odor. Ammonia is one of the most common preservatives used in Latex when it is shipped from the plantation. HX, however, because of its high solids content, shrinks very little. When making your model, an allowance for shrinkage should be made. The Latex will turn into a cottage cheese consistency when it is spoiled or will develop a putrid odor.

USE HX is the old standby of the following industries:. It has great resistance to the heat that is generated by the Plaster and maintains excellent detail.

The ingredient characteristics of this Latex are such that no release agent is needed when casting plaster. Very long runs have been obtained by producers of Lawn and Garden Ornaments and similar items made from concrete.

HX has good resistance to the heat generated by wax. Although it cannot be used for exceptionally long runs, short and medium size runs work out very well. HX can be used when pouring polyester Resins, but only with limited success. If the Latex is properly vulcanized, runs of between twenty and fifty pieces with polyester resins can be obtained. It is important to vulcanize the Latex properly when working with polyester resins.

If this is not done, the heat generated by these resins, as well as several side chemical reactions, will cause a rapid degradation of the Latex. All prices are in USD.

latex molds for concrete

Please wait Sign in or Create an account. Holden's Latex. Long storage life. Vulcanized molds have excellent resistance to tearing.Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell 14 Tall x 8 Wide x 5 Deep. Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell 7" High x 11" Wide x 4" Deep. What We Have to Offer.

Concrete Pour Into Latex Molds

Larger pieces will be shipped by common carrier. Orders are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Price does not include shipping. TERMS. Categories Select a category Displaying All products. Alligator Head Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell.

Alligator Planter Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Angel Memorial- A39 Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Antique finish pedestal Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell.

Making Your Own Concrete Molds: The Ultimatum How To (With Video)

Antique Snail Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Bear in the tree Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Bears on the tree Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Bonaparte Statue Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Cat Bidfeeder Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Classic Pedestal Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell. Cowboy Statue Latex Mold with fiberglass backup shell.I was in Japan eight years ago and like a good tourist, I went to many Japanese gardens, which were amazing.

A ubiquitous feature of Japanese gardens is concrete and stone lanterns in endless shapes and sizes. When I came back home, I decided to build one myself. While making this lantern is not difficult, there are lots of steps, so for the sake of brevity I drew some diagrams that Makers can follow. I used inexpensive CDX grade, which leaves a subtle wood grain texture on the concrete. You can use a smoother grade of plywood if you want a smoother finish. The lantern has 6 pieces: a base, column, pedestal top, window box, canopy, and cap.

How to Make a Latex Mold for Garden Ornaments

If desired, you can sand down rough spots or smooth them with wood filler. Now build the column form Figure Gwhich is a simple box shape, and next the cap form, which is a small piece, but is 2 forms built into one Figures H, I, and J.

latex molds for concrete

This form is trickier — it creates negative spaces inside the box to make the windows. The outer form is a simple box; the inner form is a smaller box with foam blocks duct-taped to each wall. Once the concrete has set, the foam blocks are removed to create the windows. Repeat to make 4 more blocks. Using more duct tape, attach one foam block to the bottom of the inner form.

Insert the inner form inside the outer form Figure P. In a plastic tub or bucket, measure out 4qts of concrete mix using a 1qt measuring cup. Then add 1qt of cold water, stirring until the mixture is completely dissolved Figure Q.

Now add a little water if needed, until it has the consistency of pancake batter.

Conditions of Use

Continue stirring for 5 minutes. I suggest you only mix batches about this size — any larger and it gets hard to stir, and trust me, you have a lot of stirring ahead of you! Use a bubble level or a level app on your smartphone and shims if needed to level the form. Let both cure overnight, ideally 24 hours. NOTE: Pour any leftover concrete into a heavy-duty plastic bag, and scrape as much off the tub as possible.

Then use a garden hose outside to rinse the tub. Before making any more pieces, check that the pedestal and cap have cured properly.I have been in the concrete business for quite a few years and I have made latex molds and pour concrete ornaments using latex molds.

Latex does not like petroleum based products as well as sunlight. Add the mix to a spray bottle and shake it well before each use. Just a light spray with the mixture, remember that too much is bad as it will stop the concrete from setting. A secondary option that I hear quite often is Pam or vegetable oil. These are ok and will w0rk, but not as good. These work extremely well, but can be expensive in comparison.

I did come across this nice headless man giving a good demo on mixing and applying the castor oil mixture: Youtube video on applying release agents. He must not like the camera much…. As for fibreglass molds, you can use almost any kind of oil as long as it does not stain your concrete. I find it just easier to apply the same castor oil mixture. I also heard old motor oil. Bob P. Hi Bob You can use almost anything with them but you want to make sure it does not stain you concrete so you can finish them.

Car wax and and motor oil will work, but if they attach to the concrete you will not be able to paint or stain the concrete afterword. Try using vegetable oil thinned down with some alcohol as it is cheap and will just absorb into the concrete. Have fun! Hi I always use washing up liquid for removing the mould. I put a small amount of washing up liquid on to the latex smother it all over and wait a couple of minutes and it peels off easily. Hi James Be careful with the different washing liquids as some contain petroleum product and can break down your latex rubber over time.

Thanks for the advice, that is a worry. I usually use a watery washing up liquid not a strong liquid. What would you recommend for a mould release? I have looked at your blog regarding mould release and i dont know where i can buy methyl hydrate in the UK. I dont want to damage my latex moulds.

Conditions of Use

HI, I want to make some moulds what do i put on the item i want to make a mould of so the latex does not stick to it. It depends on what your master is made up so you do not ruin it. It might be best to check with the company that made the latex rubber to see what works with their rubber. I use a simple wd silicon oil. Have resorted to unbolting the outer first to remove the seepage around rim of the pot before trying to pull concrete pot from the inner.

Is it best to release inner while concrete is still wet or wait till dry dry maybe a few days …what do you think? Currently using a concrete release oil supplied by the concrete outlet. If the inner is sticking you will need to add an air hole to it to release the suction.

Wait the 24 to 36 hours before you demould the concrete. Hi Bob I want to make a concrete bowl using a metal wok as my mould. My husband has offered me some silicone grease to use as a release agent, Would this be a good option or should I stick with the vegetable oil and alcohol as you suggested previously.